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Barbara started life as one of four daughters in a constantly traveling military family. Each of the four girls was born in a different state/country; Barbara herself having been born in Long Island, NY.  Thanks to her fathers’ military career, the family traveled extensively throughout the world and Barbara was exposed very early to some of the world’s most beautiful works of art including but not limited to stained glass.  One of the family trips took Barbara to the miniature city of Madurodam, Holland where their mother photographed the looks of awe on she and her sisters faces. 


Barbara with sisters Cindy and DebbyBarbara with sisters Pam, Debby and CindyBarbara with sisters Cindy and DebbyBarbara with sisters Debby and Cindy.  Looks like that particular structure might have a little stained glass window!


As a young teenager in a large family, desire for fashionable clothing drove Barbara to learn how to sew. This would be only the first of many artistic skills she would learn out of necessity, desire or both.  Barbara was first introduced to the idea of creating her own miniatures at a Seattle dollhouse miniature show in the early 1980's.  Fascinated by everything she saw there, she soon took up working with miniatures as a hobby.  It was during the build of her very first dollhouse that Barbara created her earliest miniature stained glass.  The only accessible miniature stained glass available at the time was of the paper variety.  Certainly not what she was imagining, Barbara created a few windows made from plastic, lead tape and glazes for her dollhouse.  Miniatures remained a hobby for many years while she raised her two children, Jonathan & Karen and ran her own catering and decorating business "Creations by Barb".


  In the mid 1990’s, Barbara joined a local miniature club and began crafting miniatures for resale at local miniature shows.  In the late 1990's, necessity and desire were kicking Barbara yet again.  While building her third miniature house, Barbara again wanted to fill her windows with stained glass.  The only accessible miniature stained glass was still of the paper variety and Barbara re-visited the idea of creating her own.  With suitable products for her creations having evolved through the years, Barbara found herself very pleased with the final results.  After receiving positive customer response for her stained glass pieces, Barbara turned her focus toward creating only stained glass.


The windows that Barbara creates today are a funneling of her years working in a multitude of media.  Barbara has now spent nearly twelve years focused on honing her techniques to re-create many different types of glass by manipulating glass glazes with tools and/or chemical reaction.  The lead work is all done by hand and the lead width is determined by the design.


Barbara produces her beautiful stained glass from her sun-filled workshop in Melbourne, Florida.


***For additional information regarding the creation process, please see the FAQ’S page (COMING SOON).



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